Zapier for Growth Marketing

Visually drag and drop marketing API’s together to create a automated marketing workflow. You can set up customer acquisition, refine data and do outbound marketing so you can get your time back.

Create Your Marketing Workflow

We are making it as simple as possible to use API’s to acquire customer, get the right data and goto market.

Customer Acquisition API's

Identifying your target customer and collect that data using our API’s. 

Data Enrichment API's

After collecting that data, you can further enrich your marketing data list with emails, social media handles and the data you need.

Marketing Automation API's

With the complete data set you have now, you can now send that data to your marketing channel, goto market.

Create Your Own Workflow

You can easily drag and drop API’s together, built your own custom workflow using leading marketplace API’s.


  • Facebook API’s
  • Instagram API’s
  • LinkedIn API’s

Use Proven Marketing Workflows

Save yourself time, energy and use marketers published workflow’s that worked for them. You don’t need to be a expert or think of the latest growth hackers.

Goto Market & Repeat

With the complete data set you have now, you can now  send the data to your marketing channel and goto market.

Managing Growth Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Running bots, downloading csv files, merging together no more, use

"Gwapa App allowed us to directly grab our target customer from Linkedin via the API, complete the dataset with emails and email market to them. It was super simple with all the data in one place"

– Michael R

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